Getting Under a Writer’s Skin



Venus has its Mars and writers have their…well, non-writers.

Not sure if we need our own planets just yet.


But this isn’t about football versus feelings. Non-writers see, hear and feel like writers do. They act as we might and for the most part, we are indistinguishable. So what’s the main difference between a writer and a non-writer?

Well, a writer will all but suck the living traits out of a person.

Down to the bone.

Some even further, depending on genre.

No chew, swallow or hiccup is safe around us. We will happily dissect a heartbeat within an inch of its pumpy life. Emotions? Don’t even get me started. There’s not a therapy session big enough.

Writers dig deeper and evaluate on a keener level because of our never-ending desire to strain our observations into words. We do this so that we can organically inject our characters will realness.

With sameness.

So that our readers can recognize a piece of themselves in our stories. Because, although new people are cool to meet, isn’t it awesome to be introduced to a new person that you can already relate to in some way right off the bat?

There have been times I wanted to shriek with joy when an author connected with me in this way.  “Me too!” I’d long to shout, while in bed reading. But instead of yelling and scaring the skin off my husband, I just continued devouring every single book that author created. I wanted to be close to them again because that author felt close to me.

Breathing authentic words into relatable characters can feel a little like getting undressed in front of a stranger. Or worse …someone who knows you and will now know what you write (and think and feel and possibly crave).

OMG, real feelings! Someone call the honesty police!

But, you know what? I bet those awesome non-writers think, feel and crave the exact same things. They’re just not chomping at the bit to Scrivenerize it all like we are… But I bet they are chomping at the bit to read it.

Venus and Mars may be forever divided, but writers and non-writers will always find a way to connect.

*tosses planet listings into the trash*




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