The CP Doctor


Your message has been sent!

ME:  ”OMG I can’t believe I just sent my WIP off for the first time without me!”

NORMAL ME:  ”Come on, you knew this would have to happen one day. It’ll be fine.”

ME:  ”But what if she’s cold? Should I have sent a book cover?”

NORMAL ME:  ”Don’t worry, I’m sure your CP won’t let her get cold.”

ME:   “But she’s never been around anyone else before.”

NORMAL ME:   “Everything will be okay. You want her around people right?  Isn’t that kind of the whole point of writing a book?”

ME:   “But what if she doesn’t understand little Wippy? I may need to translate”

NORMAL ME:  ”If that’s the case, your CP will tell you.”

ME:   “Maybe I should write a note.”

NORMAL ME:   “Stop it. Every WIP has to go it alone at some point.  It’s the only way she’ll ever learn to stand on her own.”

ME:   “You’re right.”

NORMAL ME:   “I told you so..”

ME:   “I’m going over there.”

NORMAL ME:   “Sit down! She’ll be fine.”

ME:   “Easy for you to say. Nobody has to get you.”

NORMAL ME: “Jury’s still out on that one.”

…I know, imagine how my husband feels.




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