If Words Could Talk


A coworker casually mentioned that he and his wife had already planned their funerals. Him-in an I Put The Fun in Funeral t shirt. Her-probably rolling in her grave still laughing herself to death.

This got me to thinking of a new story  idea, but really, what doesn’t?

Picture it: Dead People.

Been done?

Okay, Revision #1:

Dead People Laughing  in Heaven.

Well, they’re not crying for gods sake. Duh, it’s Heaven.

The only people who cry up in this heavenly tale are the ones that didn’t truly live. (Subtle hint here) The ones that allowed the naysayers to get the best of them, resulting in conformity. The peeps that ignored their dreams, refusing to explore their god-given (tbd) abilities and passions until the day they died.

(See where I’m going with this?)

Newcomers who arrive with nothing but a sleeve of regret hanging out of their over stuffed suitcases.

Blah, blah, dialogue.

Blah, blah, telling your antagonists to shove it.

Then, a no-blah happy ending by living up to your fullest potential.

Moral of the story: Don’t get caught crying in heaven, they’ll laugh at you.

Or: Laughter is the best revenge on dead people.

Still a WIP.

Maybe knowing what my coworker’s wife made him for dinner, will give me clarity.

I’m on it!


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