I Am Not My Query


On the eve of another fabulous writing contest, I’m shaking the eraser dust from my brain to give myself one last pep talk: I am not my query. I am not my query. I am not…

But wait! You say. What are you talking about silly? Of course you are your query. And to this I say no, or pass the Schnapps-depending on your time zone-I’m not.

Enter Pep Talk in optional five-inch stilettos or pink UGGs.

My query is my story, the one in my head, not the one you tell on a first date…but really shouldn’t have (#regrets #restrainingorder, #etc.). My query isn’t saturated with Doctor Who or American Horror Story fan-drool. It has nothing to do with me. And that one bitty page is waaahay too short to lay out all of my personal stuff, which would likely get rejected based on my twenties alone.

Pep talk. Pep talk. Pep talk.

After many laboring, revision hours with no epidural, I’ve recently tried distancing myself from my query long enough to think of it as a visiting in-law. You know, what you like best about it and what you would change to make it better if you could-if they’d ever leave.

Yes, I did create the words on the page so it’s obviously a reflection of me professionally, but not me personally. Kinda.

Well, enough to get away with this blog pep talk anyway.

I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth repeating, I love the submission process. It’s the writer’s Olympic flame of hope. And with every rejection, I remind myself-it’s only paper. Paper that can be changed, and often should be, if one wishes to slim down those rejection ratios. And I will keep on revising until I get it right, no matter how long it takes.

My query is not about me but about the story that I’ve created, and if that story gets turned down, yes, it could be because it needs some work (subjectively speaking, of course), but it’s still not about me personally. It’s the structure that I’ve built, which might need a few good hammer swings to strengthen the foundation… or knock it down altogether to start from the ground up. Each contractor knows his or her own stuff best so it’s not for me to say. I’m just here to make up theories.

And hopefully, even if they don’t make any sense, it will work for you guys too. (-:

Whatever the result of this contest or of future ones, I’m always grateful to the talented and generous authors who take time out of their own busy writing lives to host our dreams.

Best of luck to all who enter SunvsSnow tomorrow. Keep those success stories coming!

Thanks to the queens of snow and sun for another amazing opportunity. The twentys are being overnighted.

Next up: I Am Not My Synopsis.

Pfftt. Like I’d ever wanna be that.



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