Query On My Wayward Son…

Query on My Wayward Son…


Some people hate the querying process.

I don’t.


 I love it!

Not because I write stellar query letters that grab the attention of every agent I submit to. The ones that have those wonderful, Tardis-fierce agents knocking down my door.

Nope. In fact, I wonder if I’ll ever master the perfect 250 word, Please-Pick-Me! pitch (but I’ma tryin’! (-:)

No, I love the querying process because of my gambling problem.

…Hold on, my husband’s calling my sponsor.

Okay, he’s gone.

So here are the odds.


You’re not gonna believe this.

Sure you can handle it?

The querying process rules because…

You get as many chances as you want.

No limit. No bouncers. No annoying creditors. No face in the toilet.  No Breathalyzer. No bail money…

Sorry, I hear you crying in your head. Haven’t quite mastered all the steps yet.

…So that’s right. Unlimited chances at your dream. Nobody can stop you. Nobody.

Think about it, we never not have a chance (now my grammar-check is crying).

But it’s true!

It’s the coolest deal ever. Never too old, never too short, too tall, too why-can’t-you-be-more-like-your-sister..er, sorry.

Not really.

I know the whole process can be a little overwhelming. I just started myself (I know, shocker). Writing, querying, blogging, Twittering. I’m still trying to figure everything out (um-any help on how to sign out of Twitter on my phone would be much appreciated). But don’t let it get you down! Never forget your daydreams of writing for a living and ditching that 9-5 (my favorite daze).

I am absolutely loving the writing journey. So far, I’ve written three books…the first two don’t count because they were too busy sucking the big learning-curve lollipop, but that’s okay. Nobody’s there with a limit-clipboard, and unsightly chin hair checking off how many shots I’ve already taken at my dream.

No limit yo.

Sure, I’d love this last book to be The One… but, if not this one, I’ll just improve and write another one.

See how great that is?

Another amazing thing about the querying process is discovering a whole online community of the most generous writers (people) EVER.


They all seriously need halos.

The wonderful ladies of #PitchMas, and fabulous Brenda Drake of #PitchWars command blogs that will soothe any newbie-writer’s soul.  Honestly, they’ve helped me more than I can say-in ways that they will never know. And I can’t thank them enough. But since my first born was already taken, I gave them my first Tweet.

It’s the same thing right?

So in the spirit of blogging-it-forward, and because I know I’m sometimes more comfortable stalking than talking also, below are just a few more of the many lovely-links floating out there that will give you more insight than I could ever impart.  They have bloggy words of wisdom, unbelievable contests, fancy fonts, and everything! Go to them! I promise you’ll be glad you did.

And, do me a bloggy favor, when you make it- please post that success story! I live for those. Don’t you?

Now write-up! Remember, we never not have a chance! (-:

Where are you guys in the process?

Thanks for stopping by and not running away from my MyInnerMG! (-:
















Please feel free to leave any other helpful links in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Query On My Wayward Son…”

  1. Hello sista! Glad to see you came out of the literary closet!! Not gonna lie, I don’t love the query process. BUT I have learned so much about my story in breaking it down for that one page pitch. I totally agree with you about all the wonderful writers involved in PitchWars. Although I was not chosen as a mentee I was given some great advice by one of the mentors I submitted to. In the last year I have met so many amazing writers who have been so generous with their time… Including you Mel 😊 I am grateful for the journey where ever it may lead and happy to share the road with you!

  2. Thanks my girl! Glad to be here (even though I’m still afraid of pressing a button that’s gonna blow my blog or Twitter page up!)

    And I am lucky to have found you too! You have been amazing! (-:

    We can do it! …Even if we have to litter that road with crunched-up, query paper balls the whole way! xoxo!

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